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Dear Friend,

My name is Matt Bacak and every day I wake up, open my computer and write a number of words and then I click send.

I go about my day and in about 3 hours…

Usually over $500 will be deposited directly in my bank account.

Chances are you got one of my emails which led you to this page…and now that you’re here.

It’s important you understand why I said…

“Six Seconds”…

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Use the right word or phrase, however can make a huge difference.

Using the wrong one however, and you can instantly loose that opportunity forever. 

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That’s what this offer is about.

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[+] The Biggest Email Marketing Myth

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“Sounds Like What I’ve Been Looking For, Matt.
What’s it Going To Cost Me?”

I believe every marketer (regardless of the level of experience or success) should have this information.

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Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Friday, 7:57 AM 

Dear Internet Friends, 

Without a doubt YouTube(tm) marketing is a hot selling course.

It is especially true if you own a *Killer* YouTube marketing course on the planet. In fact, on one of the recent study, it indicates that if YouTube is consider a country, it is the THIRD biggest countries in the world after China and India. Before I talked about how you can cash out from YouTube marketing, here is the FACT about YouTube(tm) and how you are able to benefit from it:

  1. There are more than 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) YouTube Users.
  2. There are more than 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) YouTube Views.
  3. There are more than 72,000,000,000 (72 Billions) hours of video watched on YouTube.
  4. There is an average of 462 minutes per month of video being watched every single month from each user on YouTube.
  5. There are hundreds of thousands of marketers who want to learn how to market their products properly on YouTube.

This is the reason WHY many marketers are trying their best to come up with the *LATEST* YouTube marketing products. Of course, when those marketers know the right way to put KILLER products, sales copies, graphic designs, and other related components together, they should be able to sell their YouTube courses like a cup cake. However, the bigger problem is… 

Not only is it time consuming, but it also takes a lot of your valuable time “trying” to figure out which products are in demand and which products are just going to waste more of your time. On top of that, you are going to spend a whole lot more money to develop it. 

What about the production cost?
What about the cool graphic designs?
What about the cost of fixing the bug issues of each program?
What about each feature that you put inside the software?
What about the sales copies?
What about the “Thank You” Pages? 
What about the customer delivery process? 

All of these processes take a lot of time. In fact, if you were to do it alone, it may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for each product that you develop. This is the reason why many newbies can NOT afford to start online. They say things that Internet Business is the way of the past where only those BIG marketers with a lot of money in their bank accounts will be able to create killer products for their businesses. 

Let’s look into how much it will cost you to research, create, and launch your own product from scratch: 

Of course, if you are NOT careful, you may end up wasting a lot of money to REDO everything from scratch. Well, it did happen to me many times where I had to spend a lot of sweat and tears to create the products from scratch. Some marketers have even told us that it will take them a minimum of SIX MONTHS to create one solid product. (Well, it took us four months to make this product available to you!) 

This is the reason why we asked you to…. 

“Leave The Dirty Jobs to Us”

This allows you to FOCUS only on the “Core-Element” of business, which is to make money. For this reason alone, I have decided to give you: 

This is NOT just a regular “mickey mouse” YouTube PLR products you have seen on the Internet. It is a comprehensive training guide that allows your audience to build their business around YouTube. In addition, each part of the course focuses on the MOST basic approach on taking the clients from doing market research, create YouTube channel, utilizing YouTube features, attract subscribers, drive traffic to their websites, and much more. 

Further, the course will provide your audience with a step-by-step guidance with a simple to understand screenshot. This allows YOU to look good in front of your audience. In return, it allows you to build LOYALTY among your clients. 

“What Make PLRSourceCodes Different Than Other PLR Products On The Internet?”

“Basically, Everything is Already Done For You. You Just Need to Focus on Making Money From 
YouTube Marketing Course!”

-> You do NOT need to create your own product.
-> You do NOT need to create your sales letters.
-> You do NOT need to worry about professional graphics.

All you need to do is focusing on the “THREE” simple steps below: 

  1. You can add your name to the sales page. — It means that you are the owner of the YouTube marketing course 2.0. This allows you to BRAND yourself as the owner of the product. PERIOD.
  2. You can add your name on the product. — YEAP, you can become an INSTANT author and creator of this product. This will give you a celebrity status in front of your audience.
  3. You can keep 100% profit on each product you sell. — You do NOT need to share any revenue you make from each product that you sell. It is YOURS.
  4. You can upsell other products to the same customers. — You can do a cross sell, upsell, and downsell. Every online entreprenuer needs these software products to run their business successfully.
  5. You can EDIT, ADD, or SUBSTRACT the content on the product.. — It is completely your choice. You have the PLR rights to the product. It means that you can additional contents to the course to make it more powerful for your audience. (HINT: The truth is… You do not need to add more contents as we have created it in a step-by-step format.)
  6. You can use the squeeze page as a way to build your list.. — As you will receive nine follow-up messages, you can ask people to do email swap with you, purchase solo ads, or even building their business with YouTube in exchange for free e-newsletter (nine follow-up messages).
  7. You can sell this through dime sale events. – Few days before the launch, you can create a BUZZ among your subscribers about YouTube Marketing Secrets. Tell your audience that you are going to create a dime sale event where they MUST grab your product right away. This will create a “demand” within your audience.

Of course, there are so many ways you can “monetize” with YouTube Marketing Secret 2.0 PLR especially this is an evergreen product. You can even say that the sky is the limit. 

Take out your calculator and you will know how much it will cost you if you were to create this product from scratch. Even if you ask a freelancer to do it for you, chances are they may create a “screw-up” funnel system. WHY? Most of the freelancers are NOT Internet marketers

Chances are… “Most freelancer will NOT know the types of business are working and the type of business that will max out your revenue”. 

PLUS… You can use this PLR and REBRAND it to your business in an INSTANT

With the YouTube PLR like the one you are looking at right now, I could easily price it at $997. Why? YouTube Marketing is an evergreen product. This is the reason why I have decided to give you everything you see on this page for just $997 $47

As I want you to maximize your revenue in your business, your audience will also receive a necessary *tips and tricks* to build their business around YouTube ASAP. 

This allows you to TURN your customers become REPEAT buyers for your business. This is the reason I have decided to give you four exclusive bonuses (Worth $247) for a limited time: 

As we really want to build your business we have decided to run a 7-day special offer where you can get everything we have mentioned above including the bonuses for a very low price: 

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As I want you to be as satisfied as possible with the product I offer, especially I put my reputation on the line in term of providing you the BEST quality product, here is something I would like you to have… 

Do remember that this isn’t going to be here forever. 

As we are utilizing the “Dime Sale” method, the price will keep increasing with every sale. This is why I can’t guarantee that the price will remain the same after an hour. It means that you really need to get it NOW. 

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Discover The Secret Solo Ad 
Formula That I used to Stuff 
$2,597.13 of Cold Hard Cash 
into my PayPal Account in one 

All while ignoring everything those silly guru’s keep telling you…

Dear frustrated solo ad buyer,

If you’ve ever spent your hard earned cash on a solo or two, you’ll may be able to relate to what I am about to say …

Back in the UK, we have an expression called ‘the village bike’. 

Basically this refers to to the village slut. Everyone has had a ride…hence the term ‘bike’.

Is this expression outdated and sexist? Yes…but that’s not the point.

The point is the village bike has been around the block. They will jump into bed with anyone, and with that comes the emotional baggage accrued over time.

Sure, they crave ‘real love’ and to be ‘treated right’.

They are human and have the right to be treated with respect and dignity like anyone else.

Trouble is….they are still pimped out unwittingly.

Welcome to the world of Solo Ads….

Where ‘certain’ vendors are the pimps, and their lists the bikes….

A world of village bikes (subscribers), searching for that one true love (honesty from the list owner).

This is where you and I come in. 

We are looking to build our list with love. We want to nurture the people who are on it.

So you buy, say 100 clicks and boom…you get, say….40 subscribers!

Awesome you’d think….right?

Wrong! You see, all that matters is ROI. These poor souls have been pimped out more times than they can count.

They are on more lists than you can count.

They are worn out, battered and definitely not in the mood for love (or buying what is is you have to offer).

I used to have a list built solely of these village bikes….

And try as I might, they were unresponsive to my overtures.

Something had to change….

I needed to look elsewhere.

And I stumbled across a new place online far removed from the usual hangouts…

It was staring in my face the whole time.

And low and behold, these folks hadn’t been pimped out. Heck, many of them were monogamous. And that was a thing of beauty.

I had inadvertently slapped the face of the pimps…and they didn’t know it.

What am I on about?


Solo Ad GURU Slayer

The methods I personally used to get stats like these:

And more importantly, results like this:

Not bad for a paid offer with a $500 upsell…

You see, I stopped using the same old lists months ago. I’d had enough of the poor quality. Sure, gems are there but they are rare!

So I put my knowledge into a 34 page PDF to ensure you won’t waste the money I did.

This 8 module course will show you the exact process that I followed, using nothing but Solo Ads and a bit of tender love, to: 

+ Find out where the untapped lists are so you get fresh quality leads
+ How to monetize your solos the right way….
+ How to spot a scammer so your money is always safe
+ What to say to potential sellers to ascertain they are legit
+ All the figures explained so you know exactly how much each click and lead is worth.
+ Email tips to make sure your list reads you stuff and clicks on your buy link
+ Bonus Product set up videos so you are good to go

And much more….

Solo Ads can make you very good money….

But you must know a few things or you’ll get your fingers burnt.

Zig when others zag and do things a ‘little’ differently and build your list the right way all the while, getting great ROIs.

So I know you are probably now wondering…

How much is Solo Ads Guru Slayer?

It’s on dime sale starting at the ridiculously low cost of $4, and the clock is ticking. Bitch slap them gurus and get in while it’s cheap…

GET Kindle Instant Character Generator 3 Click Automated Software Dominates Kindle In Seconds DOWNLOAD

Best-Selling Author of “The Spartan”*Cracks The Code To Kindle Wealth in The Top Grossing Niche On Amazon – And Does It All With 3 Clicks Of The Mouse*

You too can dominate the fiction niche with unique, bold and engaging characters that practically JUMP off the page and come to life right before your eyes*


Dear Friend,

Not too long ago I was a wreck. Not only that, I was desperate. See, for a long time I had wanted to pump kindle books out at lightspeed because … like we already know..


Originally Posted by eibhlin

I like it. It’s easy to use. Completely intuitive without even glancing at the tutorial. Install the software with one click, run it with one more click, and a character is fully constructed: name, description, occupation, motivations, hobbies, relatives, quirks, and more.

I’ve used other character building programs and like them. Each is a little different. This one is a handy addition, especially for background characters or your “supporting cast.”

For click-to-character ease, this is good tool for fiction writers who need a quick, walk-on character to deliver an important question or action to nudge the story forward.

The problem was, nothing I tried worked. Actually, it only made things worse. It got to the point where I didn’t even want to look in the mirror anymore.

Then something amazing happened..

*Quite by accident, I realized what was slowing down my book publishing…


Not only that, I was racking my brain each and every day to try to come up with them.

Then I found a “secret source” online that helped get my creative juices off standby and into overdrive!


I realize I was doing it all wrong when I was writing!

Once I started with the characters FIRST… the books started to write themselves!

The characters just seemed to “come to life”… almost as if THEY were the ones writing the story.

I know… it must sound crazy


Knowing I was on to something special…

I started brainstorming on how I could take it up a notch

I asked myself..

“Hey self!”


“Knowing how profitable this is and how hands-free it makes the book writing process, think about how much more would could make per hour if this was done for us in seconds. How can we automate this process and make it push-button simple?”

“Good question self. Let’s brainstorm and not eat, sleep or poop until we figure this out”

And by the time it was all said and done, I was able to…

  • find a way to get this done in MICROSECONDS on command
  • make it easily duplicatable so that anyone could have access
  • hold my bowels for days on end
  • have ready made stories and plots jump out of my computer and into my wallet (not a great reference… but you get what I am trying to say… bear with me here)
Originally Posted by GlobalTrader View Post
Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this software and I “am not” a JV partner.

I have considered Kindle for some time now and this software may have just pushed me over the edge to give it a try!

I will not repeat the numerous features that other reviewers have alluded to in previous comments but will say that I have purchased “many” WSO software programs and in almost every instance I have had either installation issues or operational issues.

This software program was easily downloaded and installed in less than 5 minutes. I ran it thru multiple and I do mean multiple options and at NO time did I have any issues with it not performing as advertised.

One of my key problems in doing any writing is spending too much time on details like this software does for you with a simple click of your mouse.

I have provided ratings on some other WSO’s ranging from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest rating - this software program gets my highest rating – 5.

I also wish to say Thank You to Mike for allowing me the opportunity to review this great software.

I showed this dandy lil software I had created* with a few of my friends, and they said I ABSOLUTELY MUST come here and share this with you.

So I did.

See it in action for yourself

This software instant creates a random character using its internal database of:

  • 250 male
  • 250 female
  • 250 last names
  • over 250 occupations
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Age
These combinations will generate millions of different characters, like these all at the click of a button:

It took me 5 seconds to generate these characters

Name: Kurt Ardiel
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Height: Short
Weight: Underweight
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond(e)

Current: Art Restorer

Forename: Rachel
Surname: Ardiel
Maiden name: Aikman
Forename: Philip
Surname: Ardiel
Siblings: Benjamin Ardiel (Brother), Carla Ardiel (Sister), Kenneth Ardiel (Brother)

Hobbies: Metalwork, Embroidery, Glassmaking
Skills: Biology, Invention, Forgery

Name: Roy Adair
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: Angolan
Height: Tall
Weight: Underweight
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Ginger

Current: Business Professor

Forename: Bessie
Surname: Adair
Maiden name: Ashbrook
Forename: Chad
Surname: Adair
Siblings: Janet Adair (Sister)

Hobbies: Animal Fighting, Gambling, Storytelling
Skills: Merchant, Leadership, Streetwise

Name: Amanda Bardesley
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nationality: East Timorese
Height: Short
Weight: Average
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blond(e)

Current: Caption Writer

Forename: Rita
Surname: Bardesley
Maiden name: Arterberry
Forename: Nicholas
Surname: Bardesley
Siblings: Carol Bardesley (Sister)

Hobbies: Jewelry-Making
Skills: Mental Strength, Observation, Propaganda

Name: Bill Adby
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Nationality: Maldivan
Height: Short
Weight: Overweight
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Brown

Current: Chess Master

Forename: Loretta
Surname: Adby
Maiden name: Armanda
Forename: Ted
Surname: Adby
Siblings: Delores Adby (Sister), Esther Adby (Sister)

Hobbies: Jousting, Jewelry-Making, Boating/Sailing
Skills: Intimidation, Bolas, Calligraphy

Name: Shannon Anderson
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Nationality: Peruvian
Height: Tall
Weight: Overweight
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Chestnut

Current: Cheer Leader

Forename: Juanita
Surname: Anderson
Maiden name: Aldren
Forename: Lawrence
Surname: Anderson
Siblings: Leslie Anderson (Brother), Benjamin Anderson (Brother)

Hobbies: Gaming, Storytelling, Cards
Skills: Horseriding, Driving, Meditation

Originally Posted by TeamGlobal View Post
Mike was nice enough to provide me with a review copy of the Fictional Character Generator software. Generating a new character was as simple as pressing a button which instantly created a profile of the new character. Some of the character details included first and last name, age, gender, etc. To add even more depth to the newly generated character there were such things included as motivations, quirks as well as skills and hobbies. In addition, any of the character details can be edited quickly and easily.

Once you’ve created the details for the character you can easily export those details to the clipboard, as.txt,.rtf, as well as ,doc.

All in all this seems like a handy little tool that could certainly help in generating basic character details for a large number of characters. Not only that, the use of the tool itself can help to stimulate your imagination and enhance your character development process.

All The Very Best,


Name: Nancy Jung
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: North Korean
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Chestnut

Current: Cartographic Technician

Forename: Bessie
Surname: Jung
Maiden name: Agnew
Forename: Antonio
Surname: Jung
Siblings: Lucy Jung(Sister), Vera Jung (Sister), Ellen Jung (Sister)

Hobbies: Animal Fighting, Acting, Theatre
Skills: Occultism, Forgery, Tactics

Name: Louis Ballan
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: Fijian
Height: Average
Weight: Overweight
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red

Current: Casino Manager

Forename: Debbie
Surname: Ballan
Maiden name: Argue
Forename: Maurice
Surname: Ballan
Siblings: Gilbert Ballan (Brother)

Hobbies: Storytelling, Sewing, Acrobatics
Skills: Herb Lore, Fortune-Telling, Gardening

Name: Stacy Acland
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Height: Average
Weight: Underweight
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Ginger

Current: Unemployed

Forename: Edith
Surname: Acland
Maiden name: Altham
Forename: Paul
Surname: Acland
Siblings: Craig Acland (Brother), Maurice Acland (Brother)

Hobbies: Jewelry-Making, Painting, Art Appreciation
Skills: Babysitting

And That Is Just the Beginning

You see, when I was creating Kindle Instant Character Generator, there was just some stuff I knew you just might struggle with.*And I wanted to go OVER-THE-TOP and make this super valuable for you. 

So I decided to throw in this bonus report*and add it to this already amazing software*to really enhance this package. So I basically “brain dumped” all the valuable stuff I had left over and when I was done, I had created this bonus

Fast Action Bonus: 1# How to promote and send your ebook sales skyrocketing

  • Learn how to quickly and easily*skyrocket your book onto the Amazon bestseller lists*for maximum exposure!
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So what if you could skyrocket your book onto Amazons best-sellers list almost overnight?

How much more money could you make?

Don’t just guess!

Join today and find out when you get this free bonus!*

What I’m Asking Of You

Even though I really went over board with the value here, I’m still only going to require a small amount to happily involve you in all this stuff that willsend your publishing business soaring. See, I’m not some fancy pants marketing person, so I don’t really have the confidence to jack the price up and try to “maximize profits”.

Instead, I figured if I just gave you a lot of good stuff at a reasonable amount, we’d both win.

I mean… if this helps you write ONE book over the next 3-5 days (easily acheivable using this software) and use just ONE of the promotional methods found in the free bonus… and lets say that book is a total dud and only sells 5 copies a week at $2.99, in one month you would have made several times your investment back.

But what if it sells like that month after month after month… and you continue to write just one book a month…Are you starting to see the value here?

Oh, And You Risk Absolutely Nothing

Go ahead and move forward with my Kindle Instant Character Generator today. Start going through it as soon as you download it. If you don’t find something in the first five minutes that makes the investment completely worth it, just contact me and I’ll return your payment to you quietly and without question. And of course, if at any time during the next 30 days you decide this isn’t for you, simply email me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase.

So What Will It Be?

Mike Rogers & Coach Comeback

P.S. Remember, this is an introductory offer, so the price is likely to increase at any time. So don’t delay, act now to get your hands on Kindle Instant Character Generator.

Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Can you afford to pass up on these secrets and be kicking yourself later for not taking action? Get the results you want now!

Originally Posted by laun View Post

You Don’t Think About It! You Just Click it, and You’ve Got It!

Who on earth would have thought of creating something so simple, yet so powerful. It is brilliant!

The many thousands of peoples spending pain staking time over their character profiles and position in a story-line for creating ebooks, kindle books, character cartoons, etc. and nobody ever thought of this!

What a wonder…There has to be a story behind it.

I wished it had been around in my last school semester. It would have saved me a great amount of time.

Themikerogers has developed this powerful software that slashes a large chunk of time from creating ebooks, kindle books, cartoon characters, etc, which develops fiction characters with simply a click of a button.

This software gives you a full profile of a character, its occupation, relatives, skills and hobbies, quirks, and motivations.

You are given the choice of male or female. If the Character Generator chooses a character that is not of interest to you at that time, you simply click again, and within a mere second you have a whole new character and full profiles. You can also edit any part of the character to your pleasing.

This is no back door in the ally, figuring out how to put a penny in Nelly’s pocket software.

But themikerogers has studied what was needed to make life easier for fiction writers, and implemented the plans developed.

As a result, books can be developed much more quickly. The only need is to create scenarios around the characters that are developed.

Themikerrogers Also said that he is further critiquing his software for updates.

Therefore, don’t think about it, you just click it, and you’ve got it!

Get in now.

Themikerogers, my honest review

Thank you,


Originally Posted by Krish2007 View Post
I received a review copy of Mike’s Kindle Instant Character Generator.

Honestly I am floored by this excellent software. With just one click it generates a Male/Female Fiction Character with complete details like:
Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Education, Romances and Previous Romances, Occupation(current and former), Relatives, Skills and Hobbies, Quirks, Motivations like Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

It’s a REAL BOON to those who are already writing Fiction Stories for Kindle and those who are attempting to write Fiction Stories to Kindle.

The details I wrote above about the Character that is created can be:
1. Copied to Clipboard
2. Save as Text
3. Save as Rich Text Format (often abbreviated RTF)
4. Save as DOC.

As far as I am concerned I simply loved this Awesome software because I know how difficult it is to name and describe a character in Fiction Stories.

I strongly recommend this Software.

I also want to Congratulate Mike for bringing out such an excellent and extremely useful Software.

Hats Off Mike for a Job Well Done.

Disclaimer: What I wrote is purely my personal opinion which may differ with that of others.


Originally Posted by BlondieWrites View Post
I received a review copy of Kindle Instant Character Generator.

I found the software super easy to use. It took me basically less than a couple of minutes to know how to use it (and I am not that tech savvy), so I think anyone would be able to use it with ease. That’s a huge plus for me – the ease of use.

Kindle Instant Character Generator allows you to choose whether to generate a male or female character, or you can choose to generate either. Each character generated has a lot of possibilities (that can be left as they are generated or edited and expanded upon): Name, age, gender, nationality, height and weight, eye and hair color, education, romances, occupations, relatives, skills and hobbies, quirks, and motivation.

I like the fact that you can use the character generator to easily generate characters of just about any age also.

With each individual generated character, you can turn the edit mode on to edit any details that you might wish to for that particular character. It’s super simple – just a click of the edit button. Before generating a new character, you have to turn the edit mode off. Again, super simple – just click the edit button again, turning it off.

There’s no having to look for buttons or taking hours (or weeks) trying to figure the software out. Everything is set up in such a way that there’s nothing difficult about using the software. It’s THAT easy to use.

Saving the characters that you generate is also super simple, and that’s what I like about this software more than anything – the ease of saving the character files. With just the click of a button, you can save as a .txt file, .rtf file, and/or as a .doc file. You can also copy to clipboard.

The ease and ability of saving the characters like this makes it super easy to save any generated fictional characters and then go back later and edit or expand on the character profile, using the file that you saved to your computer or external drive.

For a person that writes fiction or has been wanting to write fiction, this is a huge time saver – in terms of using the software and for generating fictional characters.

This is the best (and only) software or character generator that I’ve seen that puts out as well as it does and is this easy to use in creating characters.

I highly recommend it to anyone writing fiction or who wants to write fiction – new author or established author.

Originally Posted by MojoJiggy View Post
Hey folks! I got a review copy and wanted to post my review here. For the details on how it works, you can look at the above reviews; no need to repeat things you’ve heard before.

I thought this was an excellent piece of software. In the past, I’ve used online name generators to start a new character for my books, but that’s all I got - a name. With the options you get in this software, like the quirks, motivations, and hobbies – it reallymakes a complete character. If you don’t like the character you got, just click to create another!

I would definitely recommend this to ALL writers. I know I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out characters, and that time is better spent writing! Now with a click or two I can create a new character immediately and start writing without any big distractions. This is a HUGE time saver!

All in all, this comes with a VERY HIGH recommendation and I think it will be a real asset to all writers. BUY IT NOW!

Originally Posted by Venkat001 View Post
Thanks Mike, for the providing me the access to Kindle Instant Character Generator. Here is my review about this software.

As soon as I got my access to Kindle Instant Character Generator, I provided the access code and logged in to the software.The user interface is very simple and organized perfectly.The extreme left side takes care of the Character Generation which can either be Male/Female or any of them.You just have to click on “Generate New Character” and this ICG software generates all the required fields in not more than a second.The fields generated by this software are also alligned in different tabs like Profile/Occupation/Relatives/Skills & Hobbies/Quirks/Motivations where each tab has got a number of fields according to it. If you would like to do some modifications, just clicking on the EDIT Mode : on, will do the work. The final export option allows you to save those fields to text/rtf/doc/copyboard.

Well, that’s an excellent piece of software from Mike which serves the purpose and also takes very less system resources and isn’t too heavy for the system. I guess there is no need for any external tutorials also on its usage because , I was able to figure that out within 2 minutes.

ICG will definitely save a lot of time pre-populating all those character details and I thank Mike once again for providing me access to such a great software


Originally Posted by Jeff Gilbert View Post
Every now and then somebody comes out with something that is very useful and also very easy to use. Kindle Instant Character Generator is such a something. This is an extremely easy to use software, so easy that even if you’ve never seen a computer in your life, you would be able to use this software. Mike was kind enough to lend me a review copy.

It generates ideas for characters quickly and easily, and it definitely gets your juices flowing in the creation of additional characters to add to your novel or short story. Are all the characters coming forth from the software perfect?? Of course not. But it gives the options toedit the characters after it’s be generated so that you can change some of the qualities of the characters if you’re not 100% enamored of them from the git go.

There are a couple of convoluted softwares out there for book creation and character generating and some them tend to be kind of a nightmare to use. But for quick and dirty idea generation, I haven’t seen anything so easy to use in a while.

Kindle Instant Character Generator gives you a very nice detailed background on the character too. Parameters for the character that you see, might trigger an idea for something else that you didn’t think of before. This could be very useful in your work. I can definitely see the possibilities of this software would make any writer very happy. And if you’re bored, you can just sit there and generate characters just for fun. Beats playing with Angry Birds.

But in any event, this was one of the more pleasing softwares I’ve had the joy to experience in a while. If you’re unsure of getting this, just do it, you’ll be glad you did.

Originally Posted by FinishMyGoals View Post
Thank you for the chance to review. The Kindle Instant Character Generator is excellent. It does exactly as the title implies. I am a hardcore Kindle user, and in transition to be a Kindle fiction/nonfiction author. I have ready many ebooks on the topic of creating a character, and this software makes it easy and a no brainer.

Sometimes I overthink, and it nice to have something making a final decision, or the foundation of what is ultimately chosen. I love that you can tweak/edit parts you want to change. It is neat that you can save it in multiple formats, and save it to a clipboard. Thank you @themikerogers.

Originally Posted by JKinakin View Post
I received a review copy from Mr. Rogers (thanks Mike)

My inspiration for trying this software is that I have a book 2/3 finished and needed
another character to complete a tangled web in my story. I really didn’t have a general
idea of what or who I wanted this character to be. Lo and behold, 
Instant Character Generator
appeared here. Talk about great manifesting.

I was able to get a description set up within minutes and use that template to insert
more vibrant and 3 dimensional person rather than someone vague and uninteresting.

I was particularly happy with being able to 
insert skills and hobbies, quirks and motivations
that can give a character a much more rounded and full feel for the readers.

I have been getting a little lazy finishing the book, but having this tool has now
inspired me to finished it. I’ve even set up a couple other characters for my next book while learning how to use the software.

If you are truly serious about writing fiction and need help setting up your characters,
Mike has designed this for you. The ability to really flesh out a person is a valuable
commodity that will translate into a more interesting and revealing story. This means
more sales, people. You now have a great opportunity.


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